Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23, 1819

No. 1

On board brig Thaddeus, Capt. Blanchard bound to the Sandwich Islands.

Oct. 23, 1819 - This day in the good providence of God, we have been allowed to leave our dear native shores on an embassy of mercy, having been set apart to the work of propagating the gospel in the Sandwich Isles.  Having been commended to God and to the word of his grace by the Rev. Dr. Worcester, and attended on board by many dear friends to whom with tears we gave the parting hand, we left Boston harbor with a prosperous gale, and with peculiar smiles of heaven.  The little mission family containing 22 souls attended by G.P. Tamoree is this evening blessed with universal health.

He who has called us is faithful, and though we go out to a foreign land not knowing the things that shall befal us there, we cheerfully commit ourselves to his guidance and protection and endeavor to give up ourselves and all we have, to be forever employed in his service.


  1. What seems quite remarkable upon reading the first entry as they were setting sail, was the depth of faith they had as they embarked upon this mission. They knew not what would befall them, but yet they forged ahead in such a state of grace filled optimism supported by the blessings of the church that sent them and by their belief in the providence of God.

    I can't help wonder what or who provided the inspiration for the undertaking of this trip? Was it the exposure to George Tamoree and the other native Hawaiians that accompanied them on the trip? Was it accounts that they had read of life in the Sandwich Isles? It must have been a powerful driving force to compel 22 persons (actually 26) to endure such a long voyage. What ideas or images did they have in their mind when they were imagining what the Sandwich Isles and native Hawaiians were like, and what were they exposed to to form those ideas?

  2. Inspiration came partly from Henry Opukahaia. I'm looking forward to hearing about how the five children passed the time on this long voyage.