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December 29, 1819

December 29, 1819 - no entry.

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December 28, 1819

December 28, 1819 - no entry.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 27, 1819

December 27, 1819 - Have entered upon the last week of the current year, and feel the need of divine aid in examining our hearts and reviewing the history of the year to see what needs to be deplored and corrected, and what should be sought and cherished.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26, 1819

December 26, 1819 - Sabbath. - We have entered the Southern Temperate zone, in which Christianity prevails to a very limited extent.  As appropriate to the Sabbath succeeding Christmas and suited to follow the discourse on our Saviours birth, a sermon was preached by B. Bingham from I Tim. 1.14. "this is a faithful saying & c", showing, 1st that we are great sinners,- 2nd, That Christ Jesus came to save great sinners, 3rd, That this doctrine is worthy of all acceptation."  We find by happy experience that the Sabbath of our Lord can be pleasant and interesting and we believe profitable at sea as well as in the dear Christian land of our fathers.  The smiles of Providence as to the skies above, the waves beneath, the winds around, and health and peace and means of grace within our floating sanctuary, call forth our gratitude, cheer our prospects of usefulness, and cherish our hopes of glory.

December 25, 1819

December 25, 1819 - Christmas. - This day we pass under the vertical rays of the sun in the Tropic of Capricorn.  This day we joyfully commemorate the rising of that SUN which is the Light of the world, far more glorious that the orb of day.  We thought it desirable to devote the day to meditation upon that interesting event which was hailed with rapture by the hosts of heaven, and to the recollection and acknowledgement of our obligations to our condescending Savier.  In the evening Bro. Bingham preached a sermon on the occasion from Luke 2. 14, in which the birth of the Saviour was considered, 1st, as a manifestation of the "good will toward men," 2nd, as a means of promoting, "Peace on earth", and 3rd, as an illustration of the glory of God.  Concluding with four reflections, 1st, This event is worthy of the most grateful and joyful commemoration, 2nd, How widely different are the feelings and conduct of infidels and scoffers from those of angels, respecting this birth of a Savior, 3rd. The propagation of the gospel is the most desirable employment this side of heaven; 4th, This event will be an occasion of joy to the thousands of the Sandwich Isles, to the millions of the earth universally, and to the holy kingdom of Jehovah to all eternity."  The hymns sung were, "Angels song", by Watts (10 of W's select.", "Epiphany" and an original humn from Matt. 2.2., composed for the occasion by W.G. Conant, a serious youth of liberal education, mate of the Brig Thaddeus and considerabley interested in the object of our mission.
     This day is to us truly a joyful day and we cherish the hope that before another Christmas we shall be enabled to proclaim to the deluded worshipers of Akoah, "Behold we bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people, for unto you is born this day a Saviour which is C. the Lord," and that on each succeeding anniversary of this event many tongues which have long been employed in chanting vain orisons to dumb Idols, tuned by Divine grace to the song of angels, will with adoring gratitude respond, "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men."

December 24, 1819

December 24, 1819 - no entry.

Check out the updated entry for December 16th to read about the food the missionaries ate on board ship!

December 23, 1819

December 23, 1819 - no entry.

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December 22, 1819

December 22, 1819 - At a meeting of the brethren resolved unanimously that they deem it expedient to observe the anniversary of the Savior's birth in a religious manner.

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December 21, 1819

December 21, 1819 - Weather extremely warm, Thermometer 81.  A sail.
Lat. 15. 35.

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December 20, 1819

December 20 - no entry.

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December 19, 1819

December 19, 1819 - Enjoyed a precious season at our prayer-meeting at 10 this morning, and at 12 were favored with a preached gospel.  Br. B. addred us on deck from Isa. 5.45.
Lat. 3. 11. 24.  Lon. 33. 28.

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December 18, 1819

December 18, 1819 - no entry.

December 17, 1819

December 17, 1819 - no entry.

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December 16, 1819

December 16, 1819 - no entry.

From the Journal of Lucia Ruggles Holman - "This has been a peculiarly interesting day to all of us, having spoke a vessel, bound from Calcutta to Boston, in which we have sent letters to America, but very much regretted not having more time, which was not more than 20 minutes.  The boat, which took off our letters, returned and brought with it a Portuguese Man-of-war, as the sailors call it.  An animal substance (if substance it may be said to posess, for it appears more like blubber than anything else) resembling a turn-over pie. with ten thousand fibrous legs and as many joints, each a foot long.  The touch of this animal produces a sensation somewhat like an electric shock - the Dr. only, tried the experiment.
     The colour is a changeable red and blue which gives a purple luster.  We often see them floating upon the surface of the water, and they are objects of great curiosity to us who have never beheld many wonders of the sea.  My jonny cake eats very well, which brother Sam'l told you about in his letter yesterday -- altho at home you know I was never fond of Indian cakes-- but anything that is fresh goes well at sea.
     We have everything that is wholesome and good to eat and drink, that is, for hearty people, but I have not been long enough at sea yet to get an appetite for it.  Monday we have pork and beef and puddings (rice and flour); Tuesday, pork and beans or peas; Wednesday, salt fish and potatoes &c. ; Thursday, fowls or a sea-pye; Friday, pork. baked; Saturday salt fish &c. Sabbath. fresh pork and pudding.
     For breakfast we have coffee and hash; supper-- tea, crackers and cheese; and now and then we are allowed the rich repast of water gruel.  This is the greates luxury I have enjoyed since I took up my residence upon the water.
     I must drop my pen, it being past ten 0c. & all asleep but myself-- a dread solemn seems to fill the whole ship-- no sound or noise to be heard but the dashing of the waves against our vessel, which skims over the Maine at the rate of 8 miles an hour, and the gentle footsteps of the man at helm.  and the watch, who walks with half his weight. for fear of waking his brother tars. who are asleep below."
reprinted by the Congregational Church of Brookfield Center, Connecticut in 1993.

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December 15, 1819

December 15, 1819 - As we have been approaching the Equator have been amused with luminous appearance of the sea.

Capt. B. spoke and boarded the ship "Mary", Capt. Smith, Boston.  We sent about 30 letters, one to Dr. W.

December 14, 1819

December 14, 1819 - no entry.

December 13, 1819

December 13, 1819 - Pass the equator, the weather being comfortable.
Lon. 27. 45.

December 12, 1819

December 12, 1819 - Enjoyed public worship.  Br. T. preached.  Rom. 12:2. "Be not conformed to this world."
Lat. 2. 25. Lon.

December 11, 1819

December 11, 1819 - no entry.

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December 10, 1819

December 10, 1819 - Heavy showers of rain have filled our empty water casks.  Much thunder and lightening.  It is thought by the officers that the lightning has once passed down the conductor.  Happy for us the Brig is furnished with a lightning rod, tho' too small, and too short to reach from top gallant mast to a sufficient depth in the water.

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December 9, 1819

December 9, 1819 - no entry

December 8, 1819

December 8, 1819 - no entry

December 7, 1819

December 7, 1819 - no entry

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December 6, 1819

December 6, 1819 - no entry

December 5, 1819

December 5, 1819 - Social worship only in the cabin.

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December 4, 1819

December 5, 1819 - no entry.

December 3, 1819

December 3, 1819 - no entry.

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December 2, 1819

December 2, 1819 -Today we have endeavored to observe with our friends in N.E, a Public Thanksgiving for divine mercies.  Tho' our friends who doubtless remember us today, may have a greater exuberance and variety to crown their board, yet they can not have more multiplied and undeserved mercies to expand their hearts.
Tropic of Cancer

December 1, 1819

December 1, 1819 - no entry - but Mrs. Holman does.

While the Thaddeus Journal had no entry - Mrs. Holman did make the following entry in her journal - "This day saw a shark and a dolphin.  Porpoises are frequently seen playing about our vessel.  These sights are all novel to us, and afford no small degree of amuseument here in this barren clime. where fish and birds are the principal production."  The Journal of Lucia Ruggles Holman, reprinted by the Congregational Church of Brookfield Center, Connecticut in 1992.