Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 13, 1819

December 13, 1819 - Pass the equator, the weather being comfortable.
Lon. 27. 45.

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  1. From Sybil Bingham's journal December 12th:

    I felt that I had a favored hour, while before us was set the base ingratitude of the heart. Mr. B-- addressed us from these words, "what could I have done more for my vineyard that I have not done for it? Wherefore when I looked that it should bring forth grapes, brought forth wild grapes." O, may it not prove to be seed, snatched away out of my heart, or others that heart! Lord, revive thy vineyard here. Thou mightest say, cut it down, destroy the hedges and let it lie waste. But, O, thou covenant keeping GOD, spare we beseech thee--give not thy heritage to reproach. Tho thou hast done much for us, yet breathe again upon us, and we shall live. Where else shall we look for help? Thou hast given us a high commission--art sending us forth with it to make a proclamation to the heathen; but, O, we languish, we faint:--give strength Divine Master, or we die. We look for help in ourselves, but 'tis not there--we cast our eyes around, but find it not; blessed be thy name thou tellest us where to look--thou sayest, "Look unto me." Lord incline our hearts to and we shall. O, that as in earnest that thou wilt indeed show up favor in our great work, not withstanding our ingratitude. let us, I beseech thee, have thy Spirit here, to quicken our souls, and to bring these thoughtless souls, of this ship's company, to bow at the footstool of the cross, and, deeply humbled under the sense of guilt, to rejoice in redeeming love. Thou hast said, all things are possible to him that believeth. Faith is a gift. For the Redeemer's sake may it be bestowed upon us all. Make the heart's of thy children in our dear native land to rejoice in the intelligence that GOD is indeed with us for good, granting their requests in giving us those that sail with us.