Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 1819

December 15, 1819 - As we have been approaching the Equator have been amused with luminous appearance of the sea.

Capt. B. spoke and boarded the ship "Mary", Capt. Smith, Boston.  We sent about 30 letters, one to Dr. W.

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  1. From Sybil Bingham's journal December 15th:
    We had much enjoyment this morning, in the providence which permitted us to make communications, for the first time since sailing, to our beloved friends. There was joy on board--all hearts seemed animated, all hands busy. I sent seven letters--two to my sisters, one to Mrs. Johns, Mrs. Kibbe, M--Shepard, Mrs Collins and B. Morse. Mr. B-- to his parents--to Dr. Worcester, and his early instructor, Mr. Gale. The vessel, hailed was the Ship Mary, Capt. Smith of Boston, bound home from Calcutta. O, may many hearts be revived, ere long, by hearing that thus far we have conducted in safety. I was not aware how much my spirits would be raised by the event. When shall we receive communications? In GOD's own time. We were two degrees South of the Line.