Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26, 1819

December 26, 1819 - Sabbath. - We have entered the Southern Temperate zone, in which Christianity prevails to a very limited extent.  As appropriate to the Sabbath succeeding Christmas and suited to follow the discourse on our Saviours birth, a sermon was preached by B. Bingham from I Tim. 1.14. "this is a faithful saying & c", showing, 1st that we are great sinners,- 2nd, That Christ Jesus came to save great sinners, 3rd, That this doctrine is worthy of all acceptation."  We find by happy experience that the Sabbath of our Lord can be pleasant and interesting and we believe profitable at sea as well as in the dear Christian land of our fathers.  The smiles of Providence as to the skies above, the waves beneath, the winds around, and health and peace and means of grace within our floating sanctuary, call forth our gratitude, cheer our prospects of usefulness, and cherish our hopes of glory.

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