Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23, 1820

March 23, 1820 - Adopted the rules proposed last evening.

March 22, 1820

March 22, 1820 - Proposed some important measures of economical polity for the regulation of our domestic concerns.  Some objection being offered by one of the brethren, against one of the principles established by the Board with respect to common- stock, the passing of the Byelaws was postponed till tomorrow evening.

March 21, 1820

March 21, 1820 - no entry.

March 20, 1820

March 20, 1820 - Special mercies received in answer as we believe to special prayer.  in the case of a member.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 19, 1820

March 19, 1820 - Lord's Day. - Favored with the privilege of public worship on deck.  The attentive audience listened to a discourse from Luke 23: 39-43, in which the prominent and distinguishing doctrines of grace were illustrated by Br. B.   Our only hope with respect to the seed sown is in God who giveth the increase.  Tamoree absented himself from public worship as he often does from our family devotions.  He has, to our grief, expressed some skeptical views respecting Christianity.  His intercourse with a Deist on board has been no serious advantage to him.  We still hope the Lord will save him from the power of the enemy and make a blessing and not a curse to his countrymen.

March 18, 1820

March 18, 1820 - no entry.

March 17, 1820

March 17, 1820 - no entry.

March 16, 1820

March 16, 1820 - no entry.

March 15, 1820

March 15, 1820 - no entry.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14, 1820

March 14, 1820 - no entry.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13, 1820

March 13, 1820 - The heat is more oppressive in passing the Equatorial regions than it was in the Atlantic.  We have had the sun more nearly vertical for a greater number of days.  Yesterday the mercury stood at 84° belowdeck, and at 124° in the sun.

Today another shark has been caught with a hook, and a second this evening seized and held for some time but at length escaped.  So the quickened sinner sometimes breakes away at the moment when he seem to be fastened by the truth and almost drawn into the kingdom of Christ.

Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 1820

March 12, 1820 - Lord's Day. - Held our meeting below.  When the hand bell rung for public service on deck, a sudden change of wind and a shower prevented it, so that we repaired to the cabin and enjoyed a favored season where we believe the giver and hearer of prayer has often been present. 

The voice of opposition today, tho' painful, gives us cheering evidence that the spirit of God has begun a good work which we devoutly hope and pray may be carried on in the case of the affair before mentioned.  We occasion to rejoice in the assurance that the wrath of men shall be made to praise our God and that the remainder he will restrain.  How weak and insignificant are honor, wisdom and power when opposed to the allwise and omnipotent Jehovah.

March 11, 1820

March 11, 1820 - Lat. North 2°  Long. West 115°.  Again we have entered our own hemisphere.  We have this day special occasion to acknowledge the kind providence of God.  About one o'clock P.M. there was a calm and several of the brethren, and some others, having been denied the privilege many weeks, allowed themselves to enjoy the pleasant and healthful exercise of bathing in the Ocean.  Not long after they were safely out, while one of the sailors was employed in painting the bowsprit, with his feet in the water, a common sized shark was seen to approach him.  Had he not been seasonably warned to avoid the monster, he might have lost a limb, if not his life.  The shark then played or rather raved around the brig with the boldness and fierceness of a hungry tiger.  By the dexterity of George P. Tamoree and one of the mates a snare was fixed upon him.  Then flouncing like a bullock unaccustomed to the yoke he seized, with violence the end of a strong pole and tho it broke many of his pointed teeth he held fast until by the pole and ropes he was drawn on board.  The mingled emotions of our company, arising from a sense of danger escaped by the gracious interposition of our divine and strong deliverer, evinced by tears and congratulations, cannot easily by described.  On opening the shark, there were found a porcupine fish and a large beef bone which had been thrown overboard by the cook at the time the brethren were bathing, so that he could not have been far distant at that time.  But while we acknowledge this deliverance from unknown and unexpected danger, we regard it as an admonition to be always watchful and guarded when surrounded with dangers and enemies, and as a kind intimation that the same hand that shut the mouth of this Lion will also shut the mouth of the roaring Lion and so far as his cause requires it will mercyfully deliver us from the power of ungodly men and all that rise up against us.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 10, 1820

March 10, 1820 - no entry.

March 9, 1820

March 9, 1820 - no entry.

March 8, 1820

March 8, 1820 - no entry.

March 7, 1820

March 7, 1820 - Last evening we were favored again with a precious season in observing the Monthly Concert.  When we look back 4 weeks to our last concert on the 7th of Feb. and see the distance we have sailed and the very great and constant prosperity with which we have been favored we have reason to believe that the blessings of heaven have been showered down upon us every day in answer to the prayers of that concert.   We have passed, in this short period, almost the whole distance from Cape Horn to the Equator, that is about 50° Northing and 30° Westing.  It is the opinion of some of the officers that no vessel ever passed more rapidly or prosperously from the Cape to this place than the Thaddeus.  We rejoice on our own account, but more on account of the cause we have espoused.  No reproach can now fall upon the cause of Missions under the pretense that the business of commerce is shackled or hindered by it.  We rejoice, too, in the hope that our next monthly concert will be attended on heathen ground.

March 6, 1820

March 6, 1820 - no entry.

Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 1820

March 5, 1820 - Lord's Day.  - Lat. S. 3 .  Weather variable and rainy.  Disappointed in not having privilege of preaching on deck.  A meeting in the morning for prayer and exposition of the Scriptures, and in the afternoon a lecture below from Jonah 1:6.  We acknowledge the necessity of increased zeal and activity in the cause of divine Master.  This evening one of the mates expressed some concern for his salvation.  May He who loves to see the wandering prodigal return, hear our prayer and graciously guide and receive him.  O for the reviving and sanctifying Spirit of God to carry on his glorious work.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4, 1820

March 4, 1820 - no entry.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 1820

March 3, 1820 - no entry.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 1820

March 2, 1820 - no entry.

March 1, 1820

March 1, 1820 - no entry.