Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 7, 1820

March 7, 1820 - Last evening we were favored again with a precious season in observing the Monthly Concert.  When we look back 4 weeks to our last concert on the 7th of Feb. and see the distance we have sailed and the very great and constant prosperity with which we have been favored we have reason to believe that the blessings of heaven have been showered down upon us every day in answer to the prayers of that concert.   We have passed, in this short period, almost the whole distance from Cape Horn to the Equator, that is about 50° Northing and 30° Westing.  It is the opinion of some of the officers that no vessel ever passed more rapidly or prosperously from the Cape to this place than the Thaddeus.  We rejoice on our own account, but more on account of the cause we have espoused.  No reproach can now fall upon the cause of Missions under the pretense that the business of commerce is shackled or hindered by it.  We rejoice, too, in the hope that our next monthly concert will be attended on heathen ground.

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