Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 1820

March 12, 1820 - Lord's Day. - Held our meeting below.  When the hand bell rung for public service on deck, a sudden change of wind and a shower prevented it, so that we repaired to the cabin and enjoyed a favored season where we believe the giver and hearer of prayer has often been present. 

The voice of opposition today, tho' painful, gives us cheering evidence that the spirit of God has begun a good work which we devoutly hope and pray may be carried on in the case of the affair before mentioned.  We occasion to rejoice in the assurance that the wrath of men shall be made to praise our God and that the remainder he will restrain.  How weak and insignificant are honor, wisdom and power when opposed to the allwise and omnipotent Jehovah.

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