Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, 1820

January 5, 1820 - Last evening as we were retiring from prayers in the cabin, a tremendous sea broke over the stern of the vessel.  It disengaged a large coop filled with vegetables and bottles carrying it over the tiller or helm with such force as to beat off the boards from the opposite side of the Brig, and the next moment sending it back to the side from which it was first taken.  By the same sea Capt. Blanchard was almost instantaneously dashed twice across the quarter deck from side to side with considerable bruising and with manifest danger of being carried overboard.  Capt. Chamberlain had nearly reached the top of the stairs, and Mrs. Bingham who stood at the bottom, about to go on deck, both received a pretty heavy shock and showering from the torrent which poured down the companion way.  But the glorious and omnipotent arm of our Savior afforded kind and seasonable protection.  May our hearts be filled with adoring and unceacing gratitude to him,
   "Who rides upon the stormy skies
    and manages the seas."

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