Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 1820

February 8, 1820 - After running so long and so directly on our course, at 7 o'clock this evening we are conducted westward by the same overruling and uncontrolled hand.  Possibly that hand may conduct us to the Society Isles where Christianity has so lately and so gloriously triumphed.  Nothing could be more agreeable to our feelings, if that should be the good pleasure of the Head of the church, than to visit the dear Missionaries at Otaheete and Eimio, to sit down with the good Mr. Orsmond and others and converse with them on the great things of Christ's kingdom, to see the state of schools and churches there, to learn the method of instruction, and the means of establishing most speedily and effectually the institutions of christianity in the Sandwich Isles, and obtain such facilities for our work as could easily be afforded there.  But in this and every other case we must learn cheerfully to say the will of the Lord be done.

Today the shipmen caught a porpus, the first fish that we have taken since our embarkation if we except one turtle and a half a dozen flying fish that came on deck of their own accord.

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