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November 11, 1819

November 11, 1819 - no entry.

As there was no entry for a second day in a row.  I thought it might be interesting to introduce you to those credited with authoring this journal.  Hiram Bingham, Asa Thurston, and Elisha Loomis.
  • Hiram Bingham (b. Oct. 30, 1789 in Bennington, Vermont - d. Nov. 11, 1869).  The leader of the Mission, Mr. Bingham was pastor of the first church (Kwaaiahao), was prominent in the creation of the written Hawaiian language, the translation of the bible into Hawaiian and a trusted advisor of King, Queens and chiefs.  He was 30 years old when he made this trip on board the Thaddeus.
  • Asa Thurston (b. October 12, 1787 in Fitchberg, Massachusetts - d. March 11, 1868 in Honolulu, HI) Ordained at Goshen, Connecticut, Mr. Thurston was also a graduate of Yale University.  He was a beloved preacher among the Hawaiian people and was known for his ability to speak Hawaiian with great puritity and idiomatic accuracy.   He assisted with translation of the Bible into the Hawaiian language.  He served as missionary at Kailua, Hawaii, the three years in Honolulu before returning to Kailua.  He was 32 years old when he traveled to the Sandwich Islands on board the Thaddeus.
  • Elisha Loomis (b. Dec. 11, 1799 in Rushville, New York - d. Aug. 27, 1836 in Rushville, New York) Mr. Loomis offered to go to Hawai`i as the mission's printer in 1820.  He was bound out as an apprentice printer and so needed to be released from his contract.  He briefly taught school before focusing on setting up a printing press for the mission.  On January 7, 1822, he oversaw Keeaumoku strike off the first printing - a page of the primer.  Poor health and the need to print books in Hawaiian fro the Mission forced him to return to the United States in 1827.  He was 20 years old when he made the trip to the Sandwich Islands on board the Thaddeus.
Info on the three men was taken from
the Mission Album: Sesquicentennial Edition,

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