Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17, 1819

November 18, 1819 - Still watching for favorable winds, yet without prepining.  Capt. B. tells us that in his last voyage he crossed the line in less time from Boston than we have now been out:  But it is now the fourteenth night that we have been driven up and down like Paul in Adria, between the parallels of Lat. 38. 35 and 37. - We have been tossing rolling on an uncommonly rough sea, according to the account of the best seamen on board, 24 days,  and yet have proceeded but 5 and a half degrees toward the equator.  We cannot but conclude that He who controls the winds and the waves, and conducts all the affairs of nations is either kindly withholding us from dangers and disasters at Cape Horn or operating changes in the Sandwich Isles favorable to the introduction and success of our enterprse.  He is kindly inuring us to a life of toil and hardship.  He spreads our table on the face of the boisterous deep, gives us now the comfort of returning health, teaches us to sit with meekness at his feet and to trust in his all sufficient grace.

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