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November 15, 1819

November 15, 1819 - no entry

While the authors keeping the Thaddeus Journal did not make an entry on November 15th, others onboard were also keeping journals and Lucia Ruggles Holman, the wife of physican, Dr. Holman had made the following entry in her diary (there is some confusion as to the date this journal entry was made based on Holman's comment of 15 days after sailing,  4 weeks since we embarked and stating the Latitude as 33. 20).   The Latitude she sites puts them further along their way than the offical ship's log which we are following.  I offer an the entry on this date as a way to provide another perspective of those onboard the Thaddeus:

"Saturday Morning, 15th day after sailing: My Dear Brothers: We weighed anchor soon after you left us.  A gentle gale wafted us about 10 miles that day, when we had a calm which detained us till the next morning.  A kind providence seemed to order it for the best however, for, in the course of the evening, it was ascertained that our soft bread and crackers and all the ardent spirits were left behind.  Consequently, a boat was sent off for Boston that night, which did not return until the next day towards night.  A fine breeze blew up which took us off at the rate of 8 miles an hour.  Our seasickness came on, and before morning every passenger, except the 4 native youths were broadside.  I need not attempt to describe the horrors of seasickness, for I believe it is well understood by most of you.  However, to make the best of us, we were a pitiable company.  I think here was an exception to the saying that misery loves company, for I believe the miseries of one was no consolation to those of another.

Could the transactions of the first week have been penned, I am sure, while they would have called forth sensations of pity from your heart, would at the same time afford merriment.  Sorrow and despondency were depicted on every countenance,  while scarcely a look of love or complacency was discernable one towards the other. 

To multiply our sorrows we were visited with unfavorable winds. high seas, and heavy gales, the three first weeks of our voyage.  It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since we embarked, and we are now in Lat. 33, 20.  Eleven days calm."

This excerpt was taken from the published copy of the Journal of Lucia Ruggles Holman.  Which was reprinted in 1992 with the permission of Mrs. Lucille (Ruggles) Campbell and the Bishop Museum by the Congregational Church of Brookfield, Connecticut in 1992.  

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