Friday, April 2, 2010

April 1, 1820

April 1, 1820 - Tody Crymokoo and the two widows of Tamh., several other chief women, decently dressed came on board the Brig, having sent before them a present to Capt. B. of 3 hogs and 3 or 4 large bundles of sweet potatoes.  This noble chief, after being introduced to the Mission family individually, and after the mutual salutations of shaking hands with the compliment, "Alloah," sat down with us to dine, and appeared with great civility.  His appearance was much more interesting than we expected.  His dress was a neat dimity jacket, black silk vest, mankin pantaloons, white cotton stockings, and shoes, plaid cravat and a neat English hat.  He sometimes however wears the native dress.  He manifested peculiar fondness for the children of Capt. C.  When we made known to him something of our objects and wishes, he listened with attention and said he must see the King, and they must consult together about it and then let us know what they would say.  As a token of friendship he presented to Brother Bingham a curiously wrought spear, which may serve for a pruning hook or for a curiosity to gratify our American friends.  They were pleased to find we could speak easy phrases in their language, made themselves more agreeable that we could have expected, and then left us with apparently kind sentiments.  We are encouraged to hope that we shall be allowed soon to take possession of these Islands for the church and for Christ, even without a contest with the priests of Idolatry, now reduced to a level with the lowest class.  It appears today that in settling the affairs of government that the chief - who chose not to destroy his Gods, with a powerful party, resisted till he lost about 40 men and his own life - Crymokoo with the loss of 6 men, was victorious.

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