Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4, 1820

April 4, 1820 - At 10 o'clock this morning, 163 days from Boston, we came to anchor in Kirooah Bay, about 1 mile from the palace.  Crymokoo, who still seems friendly to our cause, was soon sent for by Reehoreeho and was soon followed by Brothers Bingham and Thurston, Capt. Blanchard and Thomas Hopoo, to lay before his majesty the plan of our enterprise.  Found him bathing in the sea with his mother and his first wife, landed, visited John Adams, a native chief who has acquired something of the English language and manners, also John Young who has long resided here and is now acting secretary to the King.  Then waited on the King with the most important message that could be sent to any earthly potentate.  Read the letter of Dr. Worcester to Tamh. and the letter of Capt. Reynolds to Tamh. and Reehoreeho, and had them interpreted by Mr. Young and Thos. H. and through them made known to his majesty the views of the American Board and the wishes of the Mission family.  He seemed pleased with the object laid before hm, but far from being in haste to give an answer.  All indeed, both king and chiefs, honorable women and common people, who spoke on the subject expressed their approbation the general term "Miti", i.e., "it is good".

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