Friday, April 2, 2010

March 31, 1820

March 31, 1820 - The interesting intelligence of yesterday is confirmed today by a visit of Mr. Ruggles, Tho. H. and Tamoree to the residence of Krimokoo where they were kindly received and entertained.  The widow of Tamh. sent us a present of fresh fish, cocoanuts, sweet potatoes, bananas, sugar-cane, breadfruit, &c., expressing much satisfaction that we had come to teach them good things.

Several natives came off to the Brig in the canoes, with some little articles of provisions, of their own manufacture, shells, &c. for the purpose of traffic.  of them we inquired whether they had learned anything about Jehovah who had made Owhyhee and all things.  They replied, that Reehoreeho the King had heard of the great God of the white people, and had spoken of him, that all the chiefs but one had agreed to destroy their Idols, because they were convinced that they could do no good since they could not even save their King.  idol worship is therefore prohibited and the priesthood entirely abolished.  - Sing, O Heavens for the Lord hath done it.

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