Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2, 1820

April 2, 1820 - Lords Day,  This morning Capt. B.  and Brother B. visited Crymokoo and with him the most celebrated moreah of the Islands.  It was built by Tamaahmoah who himself laid the cornerstone.  It stands on the brow of a hill, fronting the seashore.  It consists now principally of a huge wall about 10 feet thick at the bottom and 5 at top, 20 feet in a height, on three sides of the parallellogram which is about 120 feet in breadth and 240 in length; but on the front side the wall, instead of being elevated much above the area enclosed, consists of 4 or 5 large offsets down the declivity of the hill, which made convenient places for hundreds of worshipers to stand while the priests was within offering prayers and sacrifices of abomination.  In this inclosure are ruins of several houses burnt to the ground, the ashed of various wooden Gods, remains of .... and other like buildings. the ashes and burnt bones of many human visitors, sacrificed to demons.  At the foot of the hill is a similar enclosure 280 feet in length and 50 in breadth, which had been used for the sacrifice of various beasts and plants, &c. The walls and areas of these open buildings, once tabooed and sacred, are now free to every foot, useless and tumbling into ruins, and as upon the fallen walls of Jerico, every man goes up straight before him, to set up the banner of Jehovah, Israel's God.  In the afternoon, Crymokooand his suit and visitors came on board with an intention to accompany us to the residence of the King.  In the midst of these interesting Isles, surrounded with a listening and admiring group of natives, we attended public worhip on deck and offered prayers and praises to the God of Zion.  Brother Bingham preached from Isa. 42.4. "The Isles shall wait for his law". and considered the character of the Law-giver; of the law waited for;  of those who shall wait for it; the manner of waiting; the evidence that these Isles do now or soon will wait for it, and the consequences of receiving it.  Tho' these Islanders could not now understand the precepts of the law of Christ, yet they harkened to the sound with almost perfect stillness and were pleased with our singing and our worship.  One of the former queens had before requested that our Wihenes would make her a gown like their own, was told that it was the Lord's day, and that they would make it tomorrow.  This evening they have spread their portable mats and tapas on deck and laid themselves down peacefully to sleep.  May the watchman of Israel keep them, and bring them to heavenly rest.

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